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Bienvenido a Nannies & Mannies – Una Agencia de Niñeras/os e Institutrices de Alto Nivel

Proporcionamos servicios de cuidado a niños de alto nivel en toda España y en el extranjero. Nos especializamos en la selección de las mejores niñeras/os británicas, europeas y australasia, incluidas institutrices bilingües para hogares privados, altos ejecutivos, la realeza, las celebridades, familias VIP y profesionales. Como agencia especializada en niñeras/os e institutrices, Nannies & Mannies tiene como objetivo elevar los estándares en el cuidado de niños y la educación española, encontrando a las niñeras/os más calificadas y de confianza del Reino Unido, de Europa y de Australasia.

Entendemos que sus requisitos son únicos, y nos esforzamos para que coincidan con nuestra selección de niñeras/os, ajustándose a sus necesidades.

Para iniciar el proceso, por favor, díganos lo que está buscando.

Reconocemos que las necesidades de cada niño varían enormemente. Cuando nuestra agencia coloca a una niñera o niñero, nos aseguramos que recibe un experto que es capaz de cumplir con los requisitos exactos.

Nuestra reputación como agencia de niñeras/os privada se basa en nuestra dedicación a entender sus necesidades y conseguir resultados. Cada niñera o niñero que presentamos proporciona apoyo constante a su hijo, desde el primer día.


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La Titulación de Nuestras Niñeras/os

Nos especializamos en proporcionar el más alto nivel de cuidadores de niños. Los seleccionamos con un mínimo de 5 años de experiencia en el cuidado de niños o 3 años de experiencia + nivel universitario. Al hacerlo, sabemos que nuestros clientes estarán bien atendidos.

Diploma universitario 95%
3 años + experiencia 100%
Certificado de primeros auxilios 90%
Multilingüe (Inglés + otro) 95%


Katie is intelligent, kind and hard-working and it was very hard for us to let her go and I still haven't found anybody to substitute her. Because of Katie's proven excellent children skills I highly recommend her.
The Gruber Family

Tameka has time and time again proved to be flexible and hard working in her availability, working late nights and even coming overseas with us to take care of the children. The children enjoy her company. She is also very loving and both we and the children appreciate what she has done for us.
The Sultana Family

I found Megan to be a very hardworking, conscientious and responsible individual of exceptional maturity. She has an impressive natural ability to care for children, and possesses all of the qualities that one could hope to find in a caregiver: sensitivity and understanding of the needs and abilities of children at various levels of development, patience and tenderness in meeting their demands, as well as the imagination and energy levels to keep children happily entertained! Megan is an exceptionally compassionate, thoughtful, motivated, organized and reliable individual, with a strong personal and professional interest in, and passion for, childcare.
The Marinow Family

Katerina was a fantastic nanny. She excelled towards the needs of our 7 years old twins (boy and girl). She was understanding and considerable of our entire family. Katerina was accommodating to our intense schedule. Although both working until late, she never complained considering the difficulty of our daily programme. Among her other skills she was able to perform theatrical plays of her own. She entertained our children with creativity. She made them love theatrical plays and they used to perform with her. We consider her as family and look forward to see her again!
Andrianopoulos Family [GREECE]

Sara drew on all her training and experience, and also her great reserves of imagination and sympathy, in working with our son, to help him with sensory play of all kinds. He had a neurodegenerative disorder and so his abilities were limited and particular. She cared for him impeccably and created wonderful experiences for him with art and craft projects, hydrotherapy, trips to parks, play groups and zoos. She was always reliable and always thinking of his needs first. We couldn't have hoped for better in any nanny.
The Lewis/Stanton Family

Our governess Rebecca provided excellent full-time holiday cover. My daughter warmed quickly and with ease to her and a lovely rapport was gained and maintained throughout. I felt [I] had an opportunity to grow and her positive characteristics an opportunity to flourish.
From a parent (of 1 year old girl, LONDON)