America's Cup nanny service Barcelona
Published On: July 19th, 2023Categories: News

Leading Childcare Provider Selected by the Teams Vying for Victory in the 37th America’s Cup, 2024.

In a bid to balance the intense competition of the 37th America’s Cup with the demanding needs of parenthood, Teams have chosen Nannies & Mannies as the premier childcare provider to support their families while competing in this prestigious sailing event. With the world’s finest sailors and their families gathering for the exhilarating race, ensuring the well-being of children has become a top priority. Known for its expertise and commitment to excellence, Nannies & Mannies will be delivering its exceptional nanny service, allowing the athletes to focus on their pursuit of victory.

Nannies & Mannies is dedicated to offering comprehensive care and nurturing for the children of the competing teams. Their experienced and highly-trained nannies will ensure that the young ones are well taken care of throughout the duration of the event. Providing professional supervision, age-appropriate activities, nutritious meals, and a safe environment for children to thrive in and enjoy.

Understanding the demanding schedules of the sailing teams, Nannies & Mannies offers flexible and convenient options to accommodate the unique needs of each family. Whether it’s full-time care, part-time assistance, or on-call support during race days, we tailor our services to fit the athletes’ requirements, allowing them to focus on their training and competition with peace of mind.

The safety and security of the children are a cornerstone of our boutique agency. With the strongest record of child protection internationally, Nannies & Mannies ensure a safe environment for children. From background checks, to adherence to health and safety protocols, every precaution has been taken to guarantee the well-being of the young ones.

Nannies & Mannies is working closely with the participating teams and parents to ensure open lines of communication and collaborative decision-making. Regular updates, feedback, and individualized care plans to address any specific needs or concerns. By fostering a partnership between Nannies & Mannies, teams, and parents, the overall experience for both the athletes and their families will be enhanced.

Having selected Nannies & Mannies to provide trusted and experienced nannies for the 37th America’s Cup, teams and their families have made the wise decision, using the agency’s unparalleled childcare services, to alleviate the stress and challenges of parenting during the high-stakes sailing event. As the world eagerly awaits the spectacle of the 37th America’s Cup, the participating teams can now rest assured that their children will be in the hands of Europe’s most exclusive and dedicated childcare professionals, allowing them to give their best on the water.

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