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Childcare Services

The different types of international childcare services we offer

Nanny / Manny (male nanny)

A nanny or manny plays a crucial role as private employees in families, taking full responsibility for the care of children from birth to early childhood. They may be in sole charge, looking after children independently, or work as a shared charge (also known as a proxy nanny) alongside a parent. The role of a nanny is adaptable, either living in or out, and childcare can vary from full-time to part-time, permanent, temporary, or travel, depending on the family’s needs.

At Nannies & Mannies, our candidates are highly experienced, with the majority having between 3 to 10 years in the field, with many holding a diploma in early childcare, University level qualifications, Qualified Nanny Status (QNS) or International Qualified Nanny Status (INQS) and are officially Registered Nannies through the Royal Nanny College. Most of our nannies are bilingual or trilingual, and a number skilled in working with special needs children. They are professionals at promoting children’s development, maintaining daily routines, and ensuring safety.

Our rigorous vetting process is second to none, and our nannies can be trusted with your children’s wellbeing. They are capable of adapting to the unique requirements of each family, ensuring that parents can rely on their professionalism and discretion. We introduce candidates that align with each family’s expectations, and we insist that our nannies are well-trained and qualified for their positions.

A nanny’s duties and responsibilities are comprehensive and tailored to the children’s age, family role, required profile, character matching, and specific responsibilities. These may include but are not limited to:

  • General care and nurturing of children
  • School and activity pick-ups and drop-offs
  • Organizing educational and developmental activities and games
  • Assisting with homework
  • Child-related housekeeping tasks such as laundry and maintaining play areas
  • Child- related meal preparation with attention to nutrition
  • Keeping a progress journal and communicating developments to parents
  • Language teaching if required
  • Ensuring adherence to hygiene and safety protocols
  • Arranging medical visits with parental consent
  • Babysitting if agreed upon
  • Teaching good manners in alignment with parental expectations

Whether you need someone to travel with your children and family during school holidays or to be an integral part of your household, Nannies & Mannies are dedicated to customizing our recruitment to find you an exceptionally talented and discreet childcarer who fits seamlessly into your family dynamic.

Nanny services


A governess or governor is a pivotal figure in a child’s life, blending the attentive care of a nanny with the educational acumen of a teacher. Tasked with nurturing both the mind and manners of children during their primary years, a governess or governor is a cornerstone of their social and academic development. They are not just custodians of education; they are cultivators of potential, instilling etiquette, mindful behaviour and facilitating intellectual growth through tailored learning experiences.

Our agency’s governesses/governors are meticulously vetted, bringing a depth of experience, from 3 to 10 years in private households, and a breadth of knowledge, with early childhood education credentials and multilingual capabilities. They adeptly manage homework, advance language skills, and create enriching activities that encourage a love for learning and a curiosity about the world.

Each governor or governess we place is a testament to our standard of excellence, offering families a trusted partner in their child’s developmental journey. They are more than educators; they are confidants, role models, and advocates for a child’s future. With a focus on individual needs, our governesses integrate seamlessly into family life, ensuring each child they care for is poised for success and well-being in a dynamic world.

We ensure that each family is paired with a governess who meets their specific needs and expectations, providing a personalized touch that underscores our commitment to excellence in childcare and education. With a Nannies & Mannies governess or governor, parents can rest assured that their children are in capable hands, fostering an environment ripe for growth and achievement.

Maternity Nanny

Nannies & Mannies provides expert care for newborns through our qualified maternity nannies, who offer their dedicated support from birth up to the crucial initial weeks of a baby’s life, typically until the 12th-20th week. Understanding that the arrival of a new child can be an overwhelming transition, our maternity nannies can also be available to commence their work in the weeks leading up to delivery, particularly for first-time mothers or those who desire professional support during this significant period.

Our maternity nannies bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to your home. While a medical degree is not a prerequisite, our professionals have extensive backgrounds working with newborns as nurses, nannies, or midwives. For families with other children, a maternity nannies seasoned expertise can be invaluable in nurturing the newest addition up to the age of six months.

The scope of a maternity nannies role is comprehensive, focusing on the health and safety of the infant while also empowering parents with essential skills:

  • Guiding parents through the intricacies of diapering, including the selection of suitable products
  • Instructing on the proper sterilization of feeding equipment
  • Advising on the appropriate selection of baby clothing and gear
  • Introducing food diversification to align with the baby’s developmental stages
  • Educating parents on the nuances of infant bathing and care
  • Creating a tranquil and secure atmosphere conducive to the baby’s well-being
  • Establishing consistent nap and bedtime routines for the infant
  • Consulting on dressing the baby post-hospital stay, taking into account environmental factors
  • Responding to and managing potential allergies
  • Assisting parents with travel preparations and selecting age-appropriate toys
  • Fostering the baby’s intellectual and emotional growth through parental engagement

Beyond these medical and practical aspects, our maternity nurses also serve an educational role:

  • Encouraging early language acquisition and mobility
  • Supporting psychomotor development and the progression towards independent play and creativity
  • Assisting in the creation of a social framework for the infant
  • Keeping parents informed of the baby’s milestones and developmental achievements

Prospective maternity nurses, nannies or midwives seeking to join Nannies & Mannies must demonstrate a minimum of three years of experience in private childcare. Nannies & Mannies is committed to delivering personalized childcare solutions, ensuring that each family is paired with a maternity nanny who complements their home environment, upholds their values, and contributes to the thriving development of their newest family member.

Maternity nanny


Rebecca has extensive child care experience and continues to thoroughly enjoy her career as a governess, teacher, au pair and child minder. Her proven worldwide teaching and governess experience acknowledges how she provides educational care and support for her students, ranging from nursery, primary and secondary students, through to adults, from varying socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures and demographics.

Alongside extensive formal education and employment experience, her travel experience makes her ideal for international governess positions. She thrives in a learning environment, providing a solid tutoring and educational platform for the respective child/children under her care.

In her free time, Rebecca enjoys yoga (qualified teacher status), walking, reading, diving, surfing and horse riding. Nutrition and environmental awareness are also of importance to her. In her youth, Rebecca was a school and county level, indoor and outdoor hockey representative, having taken part in national championships.

International Nanny Services


Katerina is an enthusiastic creativity teacher with an artistic, outgoing and adaptable personality. Her joyful, can-do attitude and hands-on experience motivate children to evolve their critical thinking through learning and play for almost 10 years. She is an awarded international artist and holds a Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology degree from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, specialising in Psychology.

Katerina is qualified to support treatment for children with learning difficulties and dyslexia and can create personalised programs designed for children of all ages while offering ongoing guidance and support. Katerina is fluent in English, Greek and has a basic level in Russian.

Nanny Katerina


Kate is a genuinely humorous, caring and academically gifted governess. Having recently moved to Spain, she has relished roles in the private international school sector and as a governess at a private residence.

She is a high achiever, having attained both a Bachelor of Arts, Majoring in Psychology Minoring in Sociology as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary) from the University of Auckland. She also gained recognition in two of her university subjects, attaining the highest grades, along with two scholarships. She was also honoured by her fellow peers at the university, being voted class representative.

Throughout her career, Kate has been responsible for creating a safe, happy and nurturing environment that assists children to thrive and develop as learners. She aims to understand and build relationships with each individual child to successfully differentiate their care with innovation and creativity. Kate is highly organised, with a disciplined approach to prioritising tasks at hand.

As a fast learner, she takes initiative and is proactive. She is compassionate, sensible, and fun loving. Coming from New Zealand she cares about giving children an outdoorsy, healthy lifestyle, and empowering them with self-confidence.



Tameka, was born and raised in London and currently resides in Kensington. Being privately-educated, she speaks the English language eloquently and is fluent in the Portuguese language also.

Upon completion of her higher education at Duff Miller Sixth Form College, Kensington Tameka chose to further harness her creative potential, specialising in Interior Design at KLC School of Design. After finishing school, she also dedicated a significant amount of time to working with children; being a nanny and building experience working professionally with private households. Tameka’s primary motivation for doing this was the fact that she has always enjoyed being around children and assisting them with their development. Nevertheless, hailing from a large family in which she was brought up with many children younger than herself, taking responsibility for infants has always been second-nature to her, thus she is a very hands-on carer. Additionally, her mother has been a professional nanny and maternity nurse for over 25 years. She is Tameka’s greatest inspiration and role model in this career choice and she has always admired her extremely high competence with children of all ages.

Having six years of child care experience in different nanny roles and households has allowed Tameka to learn many things about herself. Most importantly, she has learned the importance of embodying and modelling great qualities to our next generation of conscious adults. She prides myself in being a responsible, loving, reliable, patient and a well-organized young lady. In the last few years she has significantly shifted more of her time towards focusing on childcare as opposed to design. Contributing to the growth and development of young children and being able to see their progress has been one of the most incredible, special and rewarding experiences in Tameka’s life. It was truly inevitable that her aspiration for her future would be to work with children.

Tameka is passionate in her meditation practice which largely influences every part of her life – particularly her core values and moral system. Meditation is a way of life for Tameka that teaches her to be a conscious adult, responsible for her actions and aware of how her choices affect others. It has been a solid foundation for Tameka to gain inner knowledge on who she is as a person on many levels, emotionally and mentally allowing her to mature in these aspects. She can definitely attribute her calm, respectful and compassionate demeanour to this practice.

Tameka loves being outdoors in nature; especially by the sea; reading and learning about natural medicine as well as healing; and traveling to experience new cultures. She adores cooking and using healthy alternative ingredients to enhance my knowledge when special dietary needs are required in a nanny position. Another reason why Tameka loves cooking and baking is because she strongly believes that they are fantastic bonding activities with the family. Being in the kitchen together is fun as well as informative. Children can be subtly influenced to practice healthy eating as they are able to learn what goes into their meals. Moreover through conversation about food, we are able to instil consciousness, creativity, and teach the pioneers of our future about loving yourself with how and what you choose to nourish your body with.



Katie graduated from the University of Cambridge, in Social Anthropology. Whilst at university, she spent the summer holidays abroad carrying out research into educational projects for children, whilst teaching English as a foreign language to groups of children, aged 5-10 years. Katie has always genuinely enjoyed the company of and caring for children and her interest in child development and teaching has developed naturally, alongside these experiences. After graduating, Katie saw that being a nanny/governess/tutor combines all her interests in childcare, education, travel and the English language, and also suits her personality down to the ground. She gained extensive experience as an Au Pair, in London, and then in Portugal as a Nanny/Governess and a Teaching Assistant and Tutor at a private British school – where she completed an ESL/EAL course and focused her skills and experience on supporting the linguistic, social and academic development of young children learning English as a second language.

Katie enjoys spending her free time reading, socializing with friends and spending time outdoors, close to nature. She loves the arts and crafts, water sports (she is a strong swimmer), dance and music. Katie is fluent in Portuguese and, as a true anthropologist, she loves to travel and learn about different cultures – which is evident from her choices of location on her CV. Katie is looking for her next long-term role and is available for at least 12 months.

International Nanny Services

“We couldn’t have hoped for better in any nanny.”

And other testimonials from Nannies & Mannies’ families

Katie is intelligent, kind and hard-working and it was very hard for us to let her go and I still haven’t found anybody to substitute her. Because of Katie’s proven excellent children skills I highly recommend her.

The Gruber Family

Katerina was a fantastic nanny. She excelled towards the needs of our 7 years old twins (boy and girl). She was understanding and considerable of our entire family. Katerina was accommodating to our intense schedule. Although both working until late, she never complained considering the difficulty of our daily programme. Among her other skills she was able to perform theatrical plays of her own. She entertained our children with creativity. She made them love theatrical plays and they used to perform with her. We consider her as family and look forward to see her again!

The Andrianopoulos Family (GREECE)

Our governess Rebecca provided excellent full-time holiday cover. My daughter warmed quickly and with ease to her and a lovely rapport was gained and maintained throughout. I felt [I] had an opportunity to grow and her positive characteristics an opportunity to flourish.

The parent of a 1 year old girl (LONDON)

Commonly Asked Questions

About Nannies & Mannies Candidates

How do you find candidates for nanny positions?2023-12-15T10:47:45+00:00

Candidates find us through client and personal referrals, our extensive nanny network, childcare training program partnerships, Royal Nanny College and university affiliations, parenting groups, our website and online presence, networking events, and word-of-mouth. Our team activley recruits for each family we work with, annually attracting thousands of applications from candidates worldwide.
Due to our stringent qualification process, fewer than 7% of applicants successfully meet the Nannies & Mannies standards.

Can you help our family find a nanny who has been trained in Montessori / Waldorf / or other methodologies?2023-11-20T14:26:08+00:00

Yes! We frequently conduct sepcialized searches for nannies who have expertise various alternative educational and childcare methodologies. Additionally, you might consider candidates who demonstrate fundamental knowledge and appreciation of your preferred approach, and then invest in their formal certification in that particular area.
Please note that conducting specialized searches typically leads to longer timeline.

Can you help us find a bilingual, trilingual or multilingual nanny?2023-11-20T14:26:34+00:00

Yes! A significant number of our professional nannies are multilingual, and fluent in at least one additional language, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, to name a few. Nannies & Mannies stands out as the only European agency (by origin) with an office in the US providing specialized searches that focus on specific language abilities and educational qualifications!
Please note that conducting specialized searches typically leads to longer timeline.

Can you help in finding a nanny who is experienced in caring for children with disabilities?2023-11-20T14:26:58+00:00

Yes! This request is among our most common. We have many nannies who are formally trained and certified, or possess extensive experience in caring for children with various support requirements.
Please note that conducting specialized searches typically leads to longer timeline.

What are some common household tasks that nannies usually undertake?2023-11-20T14:27:41+00:00

Besides childcare, a nanny’s responsibilities may also include:

  • Maintaining order and neatness in children’s areas
  • Contributing to the general cleanliness of the home with light housekeeping tasks
  • Handling the dishwasher’s loading and unloading
  • Running errands
  • Preparing simple meals
  • Folding and organizing children’s laundry

Families looking for a role that emphasizes help with errands, cooking, or laundry often refer to the job as ‘nanny/family assistant’ to more accurately describe the broader range of duties.”
We craft a job description that will attract the right candidates for your needs.

About the Search and Screening Process

How long will my search take?2023-11-20T14:28:12+00:00

We recommend initiating your search at least four weeks prior to your desired start date. The duration of the process may vary, depending on your responsiveness, availability of qualified candidates, and your particular geographical location.
Our current timeline averages 4 weeks.

What can I do to expedite the search process?2023-11-20T14:28:38+00:00

Families that engage in prompt and clear communication usually achieve the fastest results. For instance, your input throughout the search is crucial in making sure the candidates we select and introduce align perfectly with your requirements.
Additionally, it’s essential to convey your expectations and guidelines clearly during interviews with candidates and in the employment agreement.
We will guide you throughout the entire process.

How do you screen your candidates?2023-11-20T14:29:37+00:00

Each candidate is subjected to a thorough screening process, including several interviews with our team. We verify a minimum of three professional references, two of which are contactable (encouraging future employers to connect) and perform an online and social media screening.

After you make a job offer, the selected candidate will be subject to an extensive national background check, adhering to relevant legal standards.

  • Criminal Background check
  • Driving Record (if applicable)
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Sex Offender Registry or Non-Sex Offender Certification
  • Civil Restraining Orders (US only)
  • National Wants and Warrants (US only)
  • Education Verification
  • TrustLine Verification (California only)

About Placement

Is there a trial period?2023-11-20T14:30:09+00:00

We recommend that families conduct a paid trial period ranging from 1 to 5 days for each potential candidate during the interview stage. Extended trial periods may be arranged, depending on the availability of the candidates.

What if things don’t go as expected after hiring my employee?2023-12-14T17:10:22+00:00

We strive to assist you in making the correct hiring choice from the start. We also recognize that introducing new caregivers to your children can be a tense experience for everyone. Therefore, our team remains available post-placement to offer advice on maintaining a positive relationship with your new employee. Many issues between employer and nanny can be addressed through effective communication and counseling.

I require a nanny for just a short period of time. What options do I have?2023-11-20T14:31:12+00:00

For placements less than 6 months, we advise using our travel and temp services.

About Agency Fees and Nanny Compensation

What are your agency fees?2023-11-20T14:31:44+00:00

Our final fee for long-term placements is 10% of the nanny’s net annual compensation.
Our final fee for travel or temporary placements is 20% of the nanny’s net compensation.
In instances that the nanny’s annual compensation is expressed as gross, the fees above are applicable.

What is the typical hourly rate for a nanny?2023-11-20T14:32:16+00:00

Nannies & Mannies earn at least 17€/hour in Europe, $25/hour in the US, £18/hour in the UK or equivalent in all other countries, plus overtime if applicable. There is no difference in salary for a live-in or live-out nannies.

What benefits do you suggest offering?2023-11-20T14:33:23+00:00

We advise employers to consider the perspective of the employee when deciding on these matters. The particular benefits offered can differ based on the nanny’s individual requirements and the nature of their specific job placement.

  • Common benefits include:
  • paid vacation and sick time
  • holiday pay
  • medical, dental, and/or vision insurance coverage or healthcare stipend
  • contribution to nanny’s auto insurance plan (US only)
  • use of car while not working
  • gas mileage stipend
  • meals while working
  • work cell phone
  • 401K (US only)
  • relocation assistance

We provide assistance in designing your compensation and benefits package.

How do I handle taxes for my employee?2023-11-20T14:33:46+00:00

As the nanny’s employer, your family will be accountable for withholding taxes. It’s important to note that a nanny cannot be classified as a 1099 independent contractor. In Europe or the UK, your family will be the nanny’s employer, you will be accountable for social security however the nanny is in charge of their own end of year tax declaration. These same rules apply in all other countries.

Am I required to pay my nanny legally? None of my friends do.2023-12-15T11:00:08+00:00

The candidates we work with are professionals and expect to be employed by your family legally, the same way someone would anticipate employment in a corporate setting. The practice of paying nannies off the books, often referred to as ‘under the table,’ is increasingly becoming uncommon. This shift is due to heightened scrutiny from the IRS/Tax Authorities regarding such violations. Employing a nanny without adhering to legal requirements can lead to significant tax and legal repercussions for families. It also deprives nannies of essential benefits like unemployment and workers’ compensation. Moreover, nannies paid off the books face challenges in verifying their income, which can be a significant hurdle when they need to apply for housing rentals, mortgages, student loans, or car loans.

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